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​Would you like to become a PARAFUSER.

事業者向け法人クール/Global Academyにて、セラピストを募集しております。





​What is 脳洗浄®︎(Nosenjo)?

PARAFUSE. 脳洗浄®︎(Nosenjo) regulates the autonomic nerves and flushes waste products in the body by leading to a comfortable sleep.

The painless all-hand procedure gives the parasympathetic nerves a predominance and relaxes the muscles, resulting in a healthy state. PARAFUSE. 脳洗浄®︎(Nosenjo) is a method that reduces brain fatigue and brings out health and natural beauty, unlike conventional small face treatments. The procedure itself is very pleasant, and since the parasympathetic nerves dominate, hormones such as dopamine and serotonin are secreted, making you sleepy from the start and causing no pain at all. The whole body is relaxed and the autonomic nerves are in order, leading to the original healthy state.

Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa.jpg
Tired blonde young woman having headache during hard work at design sketches in office int
​Do you have such a problem?

・ Sleep is light

・ Dull shoulders and hips

・ Eye strain

・ Whole body swelling

・ I'm surprised

・ Cold body

・ get annoyed

・ Lack of memory and concentration

It may come from brain fatigue ...

Certified instructor

We have certified instructors nationwide, so we would like to introduce you to a certified instructor near you.​ Click here for certified instructors


Practical intensive lesson 15 hours

Headquarters after-sales follow-up is indefinite and free of charge.

​Tuition fee

​From 1.50 million yen
※Please contact us for the cost of Academy oversea.

​Flow to attend

Please contact us from inquiries about the academy.

The headquarters will contact you. We will discuss the course schedule and what to prepare on the day.

What to bring: Please wear writing utensils and comfortable clothes for practical training. We will prepare the cosmetic materials and equipment used during the course.

​Inquiries about the academy

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